Every once in a while, a game developer will create a mod for a game that finds interest and excitement beyond even the original game. That was definitely the case when Dean “Rocket” Hall revealed his Arma 2 mod, DayZ. That simple zombie-centric mod increased sales of Arma 2 by 500 percent, an impressive feat.

However, despite its remarkable features, DayZ isn’t without issues, one of which is the lack of a single-player option. Instead, players are required to log into a server and play against both NPCs and other gamers. In fact, the only way players could guarantee a single-player experience was to rent a server and lock it against outside players.

Fortunately, that will be changing soon. Bohemia Interactive’s Brian Hicks announced today during the PC Gaming Show that the developer will soon offer an offline single-player option for the post-apocalyptic zombie-survival game, that players can host locally on their own computer.

DayZ screenshot

Hicks pointed out that this will provide modders an opportunity to test their DayZ mods offline and make any needed changes. But the offering goes well beyond just a testing grounds for mods. It provides those players who prefer to avoid the social aspect of DayZ a chance to experience the game without worrying about encountering fellow players.

This is especially exciting considering the “shoot-on-sight” nature of DayZ. Basically, with so many players shooting each other on sight, even the most conservative, socially-focused players have adopted the practice. Sadly, this makes it hard to make friends and build a team of players who work together. It also adds to the game’s low life-length expectancy, which has dropped to a measly 30 to 50 minutes in many servers. That’s barely enough time for players to find their first weapon or can of soup before they bite the bullet.

So having an offline, single-player option may bring additional players since it means DayZ survivors can enjoy the full zombie-survival world without having to constantly look over their shoulder – at least for fellow players. There will still be those flesh-eating zombies to worry about.

DayZ Farmhouse

Hopefully at least one modder will decide to create additional NPCs for the offline mode that provide a fun, social experience without the shoot-on-sight mentality. Players may also start to see dedicated single-player campaign missions for players to complete for money and weapons. DayZ may yet provide a full-fledged single-player experience.

What do you think about DayZ getting an offline single-player option? Will you play it, or will you stick to the online mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

DayZ is currently available in Steam Early Access on PC, and is coming to Xbox One as well.

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