Life in ‘DayZ’ Explained With Flow Chart; Latest Game Updates

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DayZ, for all of its incompleteness and bugs, proved something very important over the holidays – that players matter. As a game, DayZ is flat out broken and the developers warned as such to the community. It’s not optimized, it’s ugly in many respects and it’s not a very good shooter. But that hasn’t mattered too much in terms of the title reaching success.

Even at a hefty $30 price for an alpha build, the standalone DayZ (based on the beloved ARMA 2 mod) outsold everything on Steam – even the far cheaper, complete, critically acclaimed games during the fall sales period. Why? Because it does something that other games don’t do – it’s a human experiment of sorts in a post-apocalyptic open-world where the occasional zombie can be found.

The idea of not knowing where you are, having to use your wit and survival skills to explore and find resources, is one thing. Coming across other players who can help you, kill you, kidnap you is what makes DayZ so unique and interesting. It offers a type of gameplay that’s going to change the industry much in the way Minecraft did a few years back.

Game-breaking errors, server crashes and character wipes aside, the following fun flow chart accurately (and hilariously) explains the life cycle of a player in DayZ:

DayZ Life Cycle Flow Chart

As for the game itself, updates are continuing to roll out. Last week’s update added to test servers from game creator Dean Hall is releasing for players this week and Hall took to the forums to list the known issues and updates coming in the latest patch. The full list of patch notes can be seen on page 2 but the update will hit the main servers this week.

The highlights include quite a few new animations and crafting options, clapping and pointing gestures, more helmet and backpack options, more loot spawn locations (i.e. in police stations) and tougher zombies (the army ones).


Page 2: DayZ Patch Notes


The DayZ early access alpha is currently available on PC with a beta release expected in late 2014/early 2015.

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