‘DayZ’ Creator Outlines Upcoming Additions: Weapons, Vehicles, Bases & Difficulty

By | 3 years ago 

As it stands, DayZ is far from a complete game. It has a barebones amount of content, bugs galore, and a community that isn’t afraid to make you suffer. Despite all this, gamers continue to flock to the game’s early access alpha, putting their trust and their wallets in the hands of Dean “Rocket” Hall, the game’s creator. Luckily for these gamers, Hall has further outlined the features that he intends to implement as the game progresses.

Over the past day, Dean Hall took to Reddit to participate in an AMA and answer gamers’ burning questions, particularly regarding the future of DayZ. Of the topics he discussed, some interesting pieces of information came to light, particularly in regards to the game’s level of difficulty. In its current state, zombies don’t pose a particularly large threat. They are a mere nuisance when compared to the very real threat of the unbridled cruelty found in other players. According to Dean though, gamers can expect the game to get significantly harder as more content is released.

Just the thought of a more threatening zombie presence compounded with the scores of hostile players is enough to give a survivor nightmares. At least Dean doesn’t intend to completely throw players into the deep end without some new means to protect themselves. Among the discussed death-dealing implements, he discussed the eventual introduction of improvised weapons within the environment, making use of throwing weapons, and  giving players access to a bow and arrow. Not only will this give players more stealth options when engaging in combat, but also open up the option of hunting which Hall also plans to implement. Gone will be the days of scavenging for beans, as players will eventually be able to hunt their own game for sustenance. I can taste the charred rabbit already.

Hall also intends to address one of the larger complaints players have with the game in the near future by giving players access to vehicles. While aircraft are still quite a while down the pipeline, he sees land vehicles as an easier to implement option and thus could be coming quite soon for gamers. This would allow them to more easily traverse the desolate landscape provided they keep their hunk of junk in working order.

Similar to the addition of aircraft, Dean Hall sees player bases as a mechanic that has enormous potential, but will take time to implement. Tying into his view of endgame content, Hall states that he would love to see the game and community become similar to that of EVE Online with players being forced to work together and collaborate to make the most of the content. By giving players access to bases where they could gather and find refuge from the harsh reality of the apocalypse, the experience would become a much less solitary one.

His mention of eventual underground bases is particularly exciting as it could add another, more secret level on which communities would be able to form and either foster companionship or create rivalries between players or groups.

Among his wish list of content, Hall also hopes to one day offer Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support – a key trend we expect to observe in 2014. While this could increase the player’s immersion to a terrifying degree, it is still very far down on his list of priorities. Regardless, there is still a ton of content for players to look forward to over the coming months as Dean Hall continues to flesh out DayZ and move it ever closer to the release of the beta.

With over 1 million sales under its belt already, the standalone DayZ release is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you support the early access sales model or not, it’s hard to deny the game’s success and impact. It will be interesting to see how the game benefits as Hall’s proposed content begins to roll out.

Do you think DayZ would benefit from a stronger focus on collaboration between players? What would you like to see implemented next?


The DayZ early access alpha is currently available on PCs with a beta release expected toward the beginning of 2015.

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