New information drops about the Kickstarter-backed World War 2 title Days of War, which is an upcoming infantry-based squad shooter produced by Driven Arts.

World War 2 shooter Days of War has smashed its Kickstar campaign goal of $20,000, with the two-week-old campaign currently sitting at $60,000 and rising. The squad-based shooter pits teams of players against each other in infantry-only combat (for now), and with only a few days left in the campaign, more juicy details about Days of War have come to light. courtesy of comments made by a Driven Arts employee.

A YouTuber named Westie has procured the new information from a man named George Rivera, who is one of the game’s lead developers. In a seven minute long video, Westie details everything from the game’s map lineup and classes to downloadable content plans and cosmetic items. It’s clear there’s a lot that Days of War has to offer, especially for a title which is slated to come to early access this fall.

Here’s a video about Days of War below, with our own summary below that:

So far, the game only has two factions in action: US and German. With roughly three days of Kickstarter funding left and $10,000 more until stretch goals kick in for further factions, it’s up in the air whether Days of War will get some more diversity in its factions.

The game will release with 6 complete maps, and will receive more post-release. It’s worth noting that Days of War has a pretty easy to use map creation tool, and in the above video, players accustomed to placing things in Fallout 4 settlements will see a very familiar system. The game contains a voting system which will let the most popular fan-made maps rise to the top, where the game will officially endorse them and spread the maps to other players via a voting system.

Gamers couldn’t be blamed for being wary about post-release content coming with a price tag, as most games seem to come with a Season Pass these days. Thankfully, Driven Arts has made it pretty clear what their stance is on paid content: gamers won’t have to pay anything to access new features. Maps and gameplay updates will become available to players at no cost, with the only paid content being purely cosmetic items like engraved weapons, decorated helmets, and clothing patches. These features will be added after the core game itself launches later this year.

When it comes to classes, Days of War doesn’t stretch too far from iconic titles and obvious inspirations like like Day of Defeat: there are standard classes like rifleman, medic, and assault. These are supported by specialized classes like rocketeers and snipers, who have a limited number of slots in each game to prevent the entire time from going the explosive route. According to Westie, each class will have its own private selection of weapons, which will stay true to the class selected – you won’t see a medic running through with a heavy machinegun, for instance.

Driven Arts may have lost the funding war when compared to the other big World War 2 throwback title, Battalion 1944, but it looks like the title is chugging along nicely. Despite only earning roughly a third of what the other studio got, Driven Arts has given themselves some lofty goals, but thankfully, they already have the gameplay video to back it up.

Only time will tell if it will be a memorable World War 2 game, but from early looks so far, it’s starting off on great footing. Interested gamers can check out the Kickstarter here.

Days of War is scheduled to reach early access in August 2016 on PC and fully launch this December, with potential console releases next year.

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