Days Gone Update Adds Syphon Filter Gun, New Game Plus Mode

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As promised, Days Gone is preparing to give players a New Game Plus mode in its latest update on September 13th. In addition, the PS4 game will be getting two new difficulty modes, a few new trophies, some new cosmetics, and potentially a weapon from a different Sony Bend franchise.

New Game Plus in Days Gone will act as players expect. It can be activated as long as players have finished the main story mission and is not restricted to any one difficulty. Should players choose they could bump up the difficulty to Hard or Survival and take on a new challenge.

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This suggests that New Game Plus is more of an opportunity to go through the Days Gone campaign with Deacon’s abilities and weapon upgrades intact from the beginning. Other games use New Game Plus to also increase the difficulty on their own, but it seems players will have to make that choice.

But for those players who have already gone through a Hard or Survival playthrough, Sony Bend is adding Hard II and Survival II as difficulty options. It’s unclear how these difficulty levels differ from the base level versions, but the original Survival Mode stripped away some of the game’s luxuries like a minimap (outside of Survival Vision), fast travel, and the HUD.

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It’s also worth noting that Hard II and Survival II are not locked to New Game Plus. Players that want to go into Days Gone fresh with these difficulty options can do so as well.

Alongside the new content, Days Gone is getting a few new trophies, one of which Sony Bend hints at a weapon from another franchise. The developer is not specific but many assume that this new weapon is the MB150 from Syphon Filter.

Sony Bend has not shied away from teasing crossover elements between Syphon Filter and Days Gone, and by this point there isn’t much left to do but have a little fun with players. We won’t know until next week if the MB150 is in the game, but there is an image featuring a Syphon Filter skin for Deacon’s bike. So at the very least, the connections between the two Sony franchises is staying strong.

Days Gone’s New Game Plus Update releases September 13th for PS4.

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