Days Gone Hides Syphon Filter Easter Egg

days gone syphon filter

In Days Gone, the specifics of the world that the game exists within are critical to the experience. Indeed, SIE Bend Studio has clearly put a great deal of energy towards meticulously crafting the Days Gone setting, a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest with a dynamic weather system at its core. However, one of the game's many collectibles suggests that there may be a bit more to the Days Gone world than initially meets the eye.

Before diving too deeply into the specifics here, it is important to note that the details elaborated may be considered to be spoilers by some. As such, those that wish to play Days Gone without any preconceived notions are advised to turn back now.

With that out of the way, the Days Gone collectible in question is the game's final Tourism, and it is titled "Classified Virus Research." In what may be an exciting discovery for many players, this document seemingly indicates that the virus responsible for the Days Gone Freakers is a strain of the virus from another popular video game franchise, namely Syphon Filter.

Yes, it does appear that the corporation behind developing the Days Gone virus is none other than Syphon Filter's PharCom Industries, and the document makes direct reference to Gabriel Logan, Lian Xing, and Teresa Lipan, notable characters from the franchise. While this information may not be as satisfying as the release of a new Syphon Filter game, some fans of the series may enjoy knowing that they are connected to its universe as they play Bend Studio's new open-world game.

days gone syphon filter

Moreover, perhaps this could mean the return of Syphon Filter in some incarnation. Indeed, Sony has perviously indicated that the hope is for Days Gone to mark the beginning of a new franchise, which could open up the possibility for the two series to support one another in their world-building.

Prior to the Days Gone release date, Bend Studio Creative Director John Garvin indicated that Days Gone is not "that different from Syphon Filter." While this was seemingly a reference to the game being a "narrative-driven experience," the Days Gone easter eggs outlined here certainly add some additional depth to Garvin's statement.

Days Gone is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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