Days Gone Skill Trees Detailed in New Video

The upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone is ready to launch in just a few weeks, and while the narrative is going to be a major focus of the game, which includes six hours of cutscenes, the gameplay will be offering three different skill trees. In a new video, developer Sony Bend details all 45 skills that can be unlocked throughout the course of Days Gone.

The full breakdown of Days Gone's skill tree comes courtesy of JorRaptor on YouTube, who provided the video showcasing the skills after going hands-on with the game. There are three skill trees in Days Gone

  • Melee which focuses on skills related to close quarters combat
  • Ranged which focuses on gunplay
  • Survival which is all about scavenging in the open world of Days Gone

The skill tree is organized into five, tiered vertical columns each with three skills each. At the start of the game, the first column is unlocked and the others are locked. To access the subsequent four columns, players will need to unlock two skills in the first row to unlock the second, four skills total to unlock the third row, six to unlock the fourth row, and eight skills to unlock the last row.

The Melee skills range from melee damage buffs to giving players the ability to perform actions like automatic takedowns after successfully escaping from a grapple, being able to repair weapons (which can break from combat) by using scrap found in the world, and quicker movement abilities to escape tricky situations such as facing off against Freaker hordes.

The Ranged skills start off with a Focused Shot ability that will slow down time for a short duration to allow for more accurate shots. The other skills in the tree provide increased accuracy and stability, the ability to aim better and reload while moving or sprinting, and improved bullet penetration through multiple enemies, among others.

Finally, the Survival skills will focus on scavenging and collecting in the open-world of Days Gone, including a longer duration of the game's Survival Vision, which is a kind of focus mode that shows objects of interest in the world. The skills in this section also involve improvements to the players' character as well as increasing the stamina bar or allowing for quieter movement.

To see a full breakdown of all 45 skills, check out the full video from JorRaptor. Days Gone has officially gone gold and is ready to release later this month.

Days Gone launches on April 26, 2019 for the PlayStation 4.

Source: JorRaptor

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