Days Gone Trailer Expands on Story, Shows Villain

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Coming into 2019, Sony faced a lot of questions about what's next largely due to the swirling PS5 rumors and the fact that most of its announced first party games are still without actual launch dates. Sony continued to complicate matters after announcing it is opting out of E3 this year in favor of finding new ways to engage its fans. Even with all of the uncertainty, Sony is preparing to launch Days Gone, an open-world action shooter that's exclusively hitting the PlayStation 4 next month. While many probably assumed that the post-apocalyptic world and fast-moving freakers would be the main villains of Days Gone, it turns out that Bend Studio had been saving one final reveal before the game launched.

As part of its State of Play event, Sony revealed a brand new trailer for its upcoming first-party title, Days Gone. This latest footage focuses more on the story of the game as well as a few human antagonists. One scene, in particular, shows the player standing in a room facing a man in a cowboy hat, who was previously shown making a speech to some NPCs which sounds as if he's attempting to turn them to his side. Another scene in the trailer shows a man covered in tattoos violently attacking Deacon and even getting ready to torture him with a torch.

The trailer also drops a few hints and story beats, specifically regarding Deacon St. John's lost wife Sarah. After putting her on a helicopter during the initial outbreak phase and eventually finding the burning wreckage, the trailer later goes on to hint that she may still be alive, serving as some motivation for the player to find her. The trailer also features plenty of hazmat suits and what appears to be some sort of government agency getting involved.

Although the game is firmly positioned as an open world shooter, Bend Studio has made story a priority for Days Gone. In fact, the studio recently confirmed that the game has about 6 hours of cutscenes, representing nearly 20% of the entire game's length. With the remaining 80% focused on gameplay, the developers were hoping to strike a good balance for players who were looking for storytelling versus those who wanted to simply jump right into the action. With a 30 hour story and a world that doesn't have loading screens, players should have plenty to keep themselves occupied once the game launches next month.

Days Gone launches on April 26, 2019 for the PlayStation 4.

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