Days Gone Platinum Trophy Offers Rewards to Players


Although Days Gone has only been out for a few weeks, many PS4 fans are already digging through the game’s many missions, side quests, and open world objectives in the hopes of claiming the coveted Platinum Trophy. But while most Platinum Trophies typically only come with a personal sense of accomplishment, the Days Gone Platinum Trophy actually comes with two digital rewards.

Just this week, Sony added Days Gone to its list of Platinum Trophy reward games, alongside exclusives like The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Typically, the Platinum Trophy for these games offers a reward of a PS4 theme or a PS4 avatar, but Days Gone goes the extra mile and offers both.

The Days Gone theme features a mural of characters from the game including protagonist Deacon St. John, his missing wife, Sarah, biker buddy Boozer, and Colonel Garret. Of course, the theme wouldn’t be complete without an image of Deacon on his bike and a Freaker horde, which are depicted in the center of the Days Gone PS4 theme.

The avatar then takes the image of Deacon from the PS4 Theme’s mural and shrinks it down. If nothing else it’s an opportunity to show off the motion capture work on Deacon, who is played by actor Sam Witwer.

It’s important to note, though, that players who want to collect the Days Gone Platinum Trophy must turn on the marketing e-mails from Sony. Go to account notification settings on the PlayStation store and make sure that the boxes are checked. You MUST have these boxes checked before unlocking the Platinum Trophy or else the voucher for the theme and avatar won’t be sent. Then redeem the codes from your e-mail to collect the items.

While Platinum Trophy rewards are a nice incentive, they likely won’t entice every Days Gone player. The good news is that this is a fairly easy Platinum Trophy to get since it doesn’t require players to do everything but reviews for Days Gone suggest that the open world might not be worth spending the time necessary to collect and complete everything for the trophy.

Personally, by the time I finished Days Gone’s story campaign, which takes upwards of 30 hours to beat, there weren’t many trophies left to complete and many of them fill in the backstory, so if players are invested they might as well see it through. And as a bonus, they will get a PS4 theme and avatar for their efforts.

Days Gone is available now for PS4.

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