Days Gone Gameplay Video Highlights Freaker Horde


Although Sony's upcoming zombie-survival exclusive raised tremendous excitement among gamers at its announcement, much of the hype surrounding Days Gone has fizzled since. While that can mostly be attributed to Days Gone's numerous delays, anticipation for the game may begin to rise again thanks to new promotional material. This week, Sony Bend released the "Fighting to Survive" trailer, which details combat against the undead, humans, and wildlife.

Dubbed "freakers", the zombies in Days Gone can be found in small, substantial, and even "horde" groups. In a comparison made to 28 Days Later, Days Gone's Creative Director John Garvin revealed that both small and horde freaker groups live in the open-world ecosystem, meaning players can find where a group of freakers sleep, feed, etc.

"Swarmers" are a sub group within the freakers and are given their name because they rarely travel alone. Most of the time they travel in groups of 2 or 3, but they do occasionally form hordes. "Screamers" are not a threat alone, but can be extremely dangerous since their screams easily attract freaker hordes.

While little is known about them, the video also teases Breakers, which seem to be massive, muscular freakers that will be terribly difficult to take down; and Newts, which are described as "opportunists" and are only hostile if threatened.

Despite its focus on freaker hordes, the new Days Gone trailer does give fans more information on other gameplay features like scavenging for ammo and melee combat. Players will also have the ability to slow down time with "Combat Focus," which looks very similar to the combat system in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

After a strong year of exclusives in 2018, Sony is looking to Days Gone to be the PS4's frontrunner of 2019. However, multiple delays have plagued the game, and hype surrounding the game is not near where it used to be. But if Sony continues to release more videos like this one and the Riding the Broken Road trailer, an open-world zombie-survival game does have the potential to break Sony sales records.

Days Gone is set to release exclusively on PS4 on April 26, 2019.

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