Sony Bend releases a gameplay video for its long awaited AAA title, Days Gone. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic world, with game’s playing a nomadic biker.

Sony went up to bat last out of all the E3 2016 conferences, but some of the best things were evidently saved for last. Sony Bend’s long-awaited title has finally been revealed, and as suspected, it dons the moniker Days Gone. The game will center around a former bike gang member who is a survivor of a post apocalyptic event, and evidently longs for his significant other, the fate of which is left a mystery. Sony revealed Days Gone with a brief cinematic trailer, and then provided us with the more gritty gameplay trailer pictured below.

The post-apocalyptic gameplay trailer begins with the main protagonist, a bounty hunter named Deacon St. John, tracking down a fleeing man named Two Dog, and slowly reveals the true setting of the game over the next ten minutes. This isn’t just any apocalypse, it’s a zombie apocalypse – and worse, not all of the undead are the type to slowly shamble along. The game will feature plenty of gory combat, and the protagonist will bring the fight to the enemy both with ranged weapons and melee combat, with the game presenting several quicktime action sequences in the midst of the chaos.

Interested gamers can take a look at the gameplay trailer below. Fair warning, it has some pretty gory segments:

Sony accidentally took down its own upload of the video, but gamers can head 1 hour, 38 minutes and 40 seconds into the video below to see the same trailer.

Sony filed a trademark for Days Gone several months ago, which led to speculation that the title was indeed Sony Bend’s ambitious and previously untitled PlayStation 4 title. Originally, fans believed the title of the game was Dead Don’t Ride, though the game certainly carried on the biker aesthetic that the rumored title brought to the table.

The game is certainly unique in that the absolutely horrifying torrent of zombies seem like they came straight out of the movie World War Z, though we have higher hopes for the game’s plot. The trailer ends with our hero surrounded by an ever-growing horde of the infected pouring in from all directions, with seemingly no way to escape. We’re intrigued, Sony Bend.

This is turning out to be a very zombie-filled E3 2016, with Microsoft having presented fans with both Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2 earlier today. In Sony’s corner of the market, Days Gone looks to be an absolutely thrilling title, and the expectation left from both the cinematic and the gameplay trailers is high.

Days Gone currently has no release date, and will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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