Days Gone Developer Grows as Release Date Nears?

One of the biggest and best surprises at E3 last year came from Sony as they showed off the mysterious AAA title, Days Gone. Recently, fans have been starving for more information on the game, and while news has been scarce as of late, the studio working on the title is apparently thriving, doubling and size and moving to a new space. Could the added man power signal the game is in the last stages of development?

As reported last week in the local newspaper, The Bulletin, Sony Bend is getting ready to jump into one of Bend, Oregon's newest and high profile office buildings known as Crane Shed Commons. The move is expected to finalize in September, facilitated by the fact that the development studio has more than doubled in size since the start of Days Gone, going from 45 employees to over 103.

Sony Bend New Vita Game

Traditionally in game development, it's common for studios to grow during a project as it nears completion, at which point many of the contract workers then depart the studio once finished. However, Sony Bend's move to a bigger and more permanent home suggests that this increase in staff isn't a temporary move for the former PlayStation Vita developer. In fact, Sony Bend technical director Chris Reese hinted that the studio has no plans to scale that number back and that there are longer terms plans for the future, perhaps firmly rooted in the AAA space.

The third-person, post-apocalyptic game Days Gone, has been flying well under the radar since its surprise reveal last year at E3. Based on the nearly 10 minutes of gameplay footage, players step into the shoes of Deacon St. John, who's searching for a significant other in a world that has fallen to some sort of pandemic. The game is also an open world, letting players tackle objectives how they see fit, utilizing a crafting system, vehicles, or stealth to progress against the now undead horde that roams the streets.

Do you believe this move indicates bigger things for the studio with AAA development going forward, or is Days Gone a test run for the studio?

Days Gone doesn't have a release date currently, but it's a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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