Days Gone's New Game Mode is Crazy Taxi with Zombies

days gone dead dont ride taxi mode

Crazy Taxi was a fun game when it came out nearly two decades ago. Players assumed the role of a taxi driver who had to accumulate points by driving passengers to their required destinations as quickly as possible. Now those who miss Crazy Taxi can soon enjoy similar gameplay elements in Days Gone's new game mode called Dead Don't Ride.

Days Gone's new mode has the players race against the clock in fast-paced Crazy Taxi-esque gameplay. Players have to pick up passengers in a golf-cart/taxi and drop them off at their destinations while dodging a bunch of obstacles and making sure that the passengers arrive in one piece. The happier the passenger at the end, the higher points players will score. The clock is always ticking in this rush-racing mode, and the only way to prolong the timer is to smash into the undead. Every undead kill adds two extra seconds to the clock, so players can mow down a horde of undead in order to gain an extra minute or two. Of course, smashing undead comes with the increased risk of putting the passengers in harm's way, so it’s all about risk and reward.

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All the pick-up destinations are color-coded, and each color defines a different level of difficulty. Jeff Ross, Days Gone Director, shared some helpful tips on his official blog. He stated that in order to accumulate higher points, park as close as possible to the passengers so they can hop in quickly and also, when arriving at the destination, drift in such a way that the vehicle faces the correct direction for the next pick-up point. After completing all the deliveries, players will get an additional 2000 points for each second left on the timer, so it’s highly optimal to take the shortest routes and be as quick as possible to save as much time as possible.

Dead Don't Ride has definitely made Days Gone a bit more exciting for the fans. Days Gone is a PlayStation-exclusive, post-apocalyptic survival game with a somewhat dark tone; however, the new game mode adds a whole new level of over-the-top silliness that’s exciting and has potential to be extremely fun. 

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Days Gone is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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