Days Gone Cinematic Trailer Revealed

Days Gone Cinematic Trailer

Sony announces Days Gone with a cinematic trailer. The game allows players to assume the role of a drifting bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic world.

The long-awaited AAA production from Sony Bend has finally been unveiled during Sony's E3 Press Conference, and the game is none other than the previously predicted Days Gone. Sony officially revealed Days Gone with the cinematic trailer pictured below, which certainly gives fans a glimpse into the life of a man named Deacon St. John. The main protagonist of the game is a biker in a post-pandemic world, and he's carrying some heavy mental baggage as he voyages the broken road.

According to developer Sony Bend, the game focuses on what makes the survivors human: desperation, loss, madness, friendship, betrayal, friendship, brother, regret, and love. In the trailer below, it's clear the Deacon is missing his significant other, a woman who may have been one of the first lives lost in the initial pandemic. Those who survive now struggle to keep away the infected, and unlike most zombie-based games, these zombie-like creatures are certainly capable of running.

Gamers can also take a long look at the in-depth ten minute long gameplay trailer for Days Gone, which shows Deacon going through the ringer when it comes to bad situations getting worse.

Take a glimpse at the initial cinematic trailer for Days Gone below:


The game takes place two years after the initial outbreak of the pandemic, and for the most part it looks like society has fallen completely. The setting from the trailer paints a vivid picture of nature retaking the land over man-made structures, and the gameplay trailer shows a very one-sided human to undead ratio. As Deacon travels the broken road, Sony Bend states that players will witness his journey to discover a reason to live.

We caught wind of Sony filing for a trademark for the game's title months ago, which led many fans to speculate (correctly) that the title belonged to Sony Bend's next title. There's a lot of manpower going behind this title, which comes with high expectations. The last time we saw this much greenery in a post-apocalyptic title, it was in The Last Of Us.

This is the third zombie-based game to be revealed today, with Microsoft having announced both Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2 earlier in the day. In comparison to both of those games, it looks like players in Days Gone will have to be much faster on their feet in order to outpace these enemies. Similarly to the other games, not all of the enemies will be the infected, either.

Days Gone currently has no release date, but will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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