Without a doubt, Days Gone fans were enthralled with all of the features on display in SIE Bend Studio’s gameplay footage shown at E3 2017, particularly when it comes to the survival horror game’s combat and stealth mechanics. Now, those gamers can revisit the extended look at the title with a fresh perspective, as the developer has released an alternate version of the trailer from last month’s media showcase at the expo.

As seen below in the alternate playthrough footage for Days Gone‘s original E3 2017 trailer, fans will be able to notice the different weather of snowfall instead of rain, the change in time being day instead of night, and various gameplay aspects that weren’t explored in the footage which debuted back in June 2017. For instance, instead of being chased by wolves like in the first trailer, the protagonist Deacon St. John doesn’t see them at all this time around, affording him the opportunity to spot an ambush that some enemies have set up to clothesline him off his bike and gain the upper hand.

The above alternate trailer for Days Gone does a great job of exemplifying how when various aspects of the game world shift, it offers branching pathways and dynamic scenarios for players to experience each time they boot up the title. Another example of the differences between the previous E3 2017 trailer and the new one released today shows how cold weather affects gameplay, as the snow changes Deacon St. John’s handling abilities with his motorcycle and it increases the strength and size of Freaker hordes – that is, the zombie-like enemies in the title.

At this point, there’s no specific launch window for Days Gone, but considering the fact that other major titles shown off during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference such as Santa Monica Studio’s God of War and Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man are set to come out in 2018, it’s a safe bet to make that Bend Studio’s survival horror title will be available around then as well. However, should a recent release date leak from a since-removed video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel be accurate, Days Gone could drop before the end of this year.

All things considered, with SIE Bend Studio showing how Days Gone can change drastically in different playthroughs with this most recent piece of footage, one should expect interest in the title to increase even more so than before, as such a feature is usually a huge draw for open world game fans. Undeniably, Days Gone still remains one of PS4’s most anticipated exclusives on the horizon.

Days Gone is currently without a release date, but is set to launch for the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation – YouTube