Days Gone Already Outsold God of War, Last Guardian in Japan

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PlayStation exclusives are often well-developed and highly-praised games, but the general consensus around Days Gone is that it is the low hanging fruit. Generally speaking, it doesn't live up to other PlayStation exclusives like God of War, but that hasn't prevented the open world action-adventure survival-horror title from surpassing the lifetime sales of several exclusives in just a few weeks in Japan, at least.

At the time of this writing, Days Gone has outsold the lifetime sales of God of War, The Last Guardian, and Detroit: Become Human in the Japanese market. And at its current rate, it is set to surpass Uncharted 4 as well. With the fact that Days Gone is a brand new IP, these are quite impressive numbers. It has yet to beat some other major exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn or Marvel's Spider-Man, though.

The exact reasoning for these impressive sales is not exactly known, but there could be a number of driving factors. SIE Bend Studio's reputation and the high quality of previous PS4 exclusive titles could have preceded Days Gone. Golden Week also took place during the last week of this sales data, April 29-May 5, and this likely bolstered numbers. Japan's Golden Week is a series of four national holidays held within one week, with several people receiving time off from their jobs, meaning everyone had more time to play video games.

It remains to be seen if these sales can stay as strong in the country or even expand elsewhere, but given that Days Gone is receiving some free DLC, it's not outside a realm of possibility. The first two things up on this post-launch docket include an intense survival mode and a series of new in-game challenges beginning in June.

This could potentially push strong sales and fulfill Sony's hope that Days Gone becomes its own franchise. And while the game is not without its faults, the first game is solid enough that Sony could very well justify another entry. For those on the fence about checking out the game, check out our Days Gone Review.

Days Gone is available now for PS4.

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