One of the 10 most anticipated games at E3 2017, Days Gone, has finally had its chance to shine at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio having now officially revealed footage for the forthcoming survival horror game during the press conference. Considering what the developer decided to offer up during the showcase, it now makes sense as to why Samuel Witwer–that is, the actor portraying the title’s protagonist, Deacon St. John–previously stated that the release would be at the function “in a big way.”

As seen in the footage below for Days Gone, fans get a look at Deacon St. John getting into a whole heap of trouble as he takes to the road on his motorcycle, encounters highway robbers, and slyly attempts to infiltrate a rival campsite holding a friend of his hostage. The gameplay featured includes a cinematic intro, several scenes of intense combat, stealth mechanics, throngs of undead hungry for flesh, and even a ferocious, drooling zombie bear.

For those unaware, it’s been roughly a year since SIE Bend originally unveiled Days Gone, as the studio was chosen to close out Sony’s E3 2016 press conference with a relatively sizable gameplay trailer. The footage from last year featured Deacon St. John riding his motorcycle, sneaking around what appeared to be an abandoned military site, crafting a silencer for a pistol, and of course, taking on hordes of the undead.

All things considered, Days Gone looks to be one among many PlayStation 4 titles that justifies a purchase of the console, as SIE Bend seems intent on making the game far more than just a zombie apocalypse simulator, especially with the studio having more than doubled the amount of staff on its books since the game was first announced. With any luck, as the months press on toward Days Gone‘s launch, any additional assets shown for the survival horror title will prove why it’s being considered as one of the PS4’s most awaited exclusives to date.

Days Gone is currently in production for PlayStation 4.