Resident Evil Inspired Game Daymare 1998 is Out Now

Back in 2015, indie game developer Invader Studios decided to remake Capcom’s classic game, Resident Evil 2. Unfortunately, Capcom contacted Invader asking the studio to cease development immediately, given that it had long-term plans for the game, which we now know was the official Resident Evil 2 Remake. But As it turned out, not all was lost for Invader given that its Resident Evil-inspired game, Daymare: 1998, is out now.

It is important to remember that Capcom did not bully Invader into ceasing production of its game. Instead, the Japanese publisher invited the indie developer to discuss further ideas. Last August, the developer released a new trailer for Daymare: 1998, showcasing its game made with Unreal Engine 4, and revealed its release date, which is available now for the PC via Steam.

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Daymare: 1998 is currently available for the cheap price of $26.99, which will only be available today until next Tuesday. Obviously, the game shares tons of similarities with Resident Evil such as an investigation of a mysterious outbreak. Daymare: 1998 is deeply rooted in the survival horror mechanic that was made popular by the franchise that inspired it, allowing players to strategically manage their resources while battling against hordes of zombies and other monsters. Players can also know more about the game's lore by collecting and reading various documents scattered all-over the place.

Although Capcom prevented Invader Studios to develop a fan-remake of Resident Evil 2, it is interesting to see how the game could have turned out had the owner of the franchise gave its blessing. However, given that Invader managed to create its own game with inputs from Capcom, it appears that the situation is a win-win for both. Not to mention that players still got the highly-requested remake of Resident Evil 2 that garnered a positive review across the board.

Meanwhile, Capcom just revealed a new Resident Evil game that is currently in development. The upcoming game is called Project Resistance, and will feature a new way to experience survival horror as it implements a 4v1 multiplayer format. As of the moment, Capcom is yet to reveal Project Resistance's release date, but a closed beta will be available soon.

Daymare: 1998 is available now on PC via Steam and will release for the PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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