Trailer For Survival Horror ‘Daylight’ Invites Players to Get Lost

By | 3 years ago 

There may be many exciting games to come in 2014, but one genre that has felt slightly underserved recently – at least by mainstream developers – is survival horror. Luckily for gamers who love to have the pants scared off them, Zombie Studios is turning the lights down and the insanity up in Daylight, a first-person survival horror game that’s set for release on PC and PlayStation 4.

The game that immediately springs to mind whilst watching the latest trailer for Daylight is Red Barrels Games’ Outlast, which made it onto Game Rant’s list of most recommended indie games from 2013. The comparison is based on more than just both games being set in abandoned hospitals; Daylight seems to come from a breed of survival horror that’s sprung up from the indie scene in games like Amnesia and Slender: setting the player down with no form of defense and leaving them explore a dark and spooky world.

The main selling point of Daylight, aside from the fact that it will be the first game release that uses the Unreal Engine 4, is the fact its world is randomly generated and therefore different on every playthrough. To see a few more of the environments on offer, check out the two previous trailers for Daylight.

The actual monster that’s glimpsed in the latest trailer for Daylight isn’t that exciting: a standard pale face with blackened eyes and mouth that could have been plucked from a dozen other horror games. However, it looks like the real scares of this game will arise from the environment and from the protagonist’s unreliable sanity. Weird floating children’s toys and doors that board themselves up are more than enough by themselves to kick up a fright, without necessarily needing the –aid of screeching ghosts.

Scariest of all, the ability to navigate the ever-changing maps of Daylight relies on the dwindling battery of a smartphone. Let’s hope it’s a decent model, and that it has apps for warding off evil.


Daylight is set for release on PC and PS4 in early 2014.