50% Off PC Deals: Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dawn of War 3

PC gamers can once again enjoy a massive discount on recently released Triple-A games thanks to some early discounts on digital copies. This month, digital retailer GMG is running a major flash sale event for its 7th-year birthday celebration, and PC gamers get to enjoy the benefits.

The sale started up earlier this month with a flash sale discount on titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda (at 50% off) and Grand Theft Auto 5 (also at 50% off) - and it is finishing out strong with two popular titles: Sid Meier's Civilization 6 and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3.

While previously a flash sale item, Andromeda is also still discounted at 50% off along with Dawn of War 3. We suspect GMG will continue to sell each title at the current discounted price until they're both sold out.

Update: Deals are still valid on all titles mentioned below, with GTA 5 now available again for half-off at WinGameStore.

PC Flash Sale

Previously, in order to claim these prices, you had to create an account at GMG and input a special 7th Year anniversary coupon code. Now that we're towards the end of May - GMG has forgone the aforementioned coupon and discounted all the titles above at up to 50% off.

Unlike the discounts on Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dawn of War 3, Civilization 6's deals are at a smaller 43% off, but the price on the Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization 6 is still at a historic low price. So if you're a big Civilization fan and decide to spring for the Digital Deluxe with more maps and content, you'll be getting the Steam copy at the lowest price thus far in 2017.

mass effect andromeda multiplayer balancing patch 1 06

A similar story goes for both Andromeda and Dawn of War 3, both of which are at their lowest price points at $30 a piece. In the case of Dawn of War 3, this is a new low by $9 from a popular digital retailer and the first time the game has dropped under $40 since its late April release. For, Andromeda it's a new low by $5.

There is no known expiration date on the two 50% off deals listed above, but given their "flash sale" nature they should end sooner rather than later. For Civilization 6, the expiration date is at the end of this month on May 30, while for Andromeda and Dawn of War 3, we believe the deals will expire when they are sold out.

All deals above will net patrons a DRM version of the game. Mass Effect: Andromeda is available on Origin whereas Civilization 6 and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 are Steam keys.

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