God of War Creator David Jaffe is Making Single Player Horror Game

god of war creator making single player horror game

David Jaffe was once one of the top video game designers in the industry. Having created and directed hugely successful video game franchises like Twisted Metal and God of War, his impact on the video game industry can't be understated. Unfortunately, recent years haven't been quite as successful for Jaffe, with his PS4-exclusive Drawn to Death flopping and forcing him to shut down his independent studio. However, it seems as though Jaffe isn't done with video game development quite yet, and is in fact working on a new single-player horror game.

Jaffe hasn't provided many details about what his new horror game will be like, except that it will be "attempting something new" in regards to storytelling in games. However, it seems as though the project is only in the conceptual phase at this point, as Jaffe hasn't shown it to anyone and it hasn't even secured funding yet. Jaffe doesn't know if people will like or hate his idea when he does show it off, but he thinks there is potential it may become "the next big thing."

With so little to go on at this point, it's hard to speculate about whether or not Jaffe's new game will be a success. After all, not all of Jaffe's video games have been hits. That being said, most of his work has been quite successful, particularly as it pertains to the first two God of War games.

It's far too early to say whether or not Jaffe's new horror game project has the potential to be the next God of War, but it's still exciting to see such a successful game developer return to the industry. Fans of Jaffe's work will no doubt be interested to learn more about the game, and it will be interesting to see what shape it takes as he continues to work on it.

With David Jaffe's new horror game so early in the development stage, though, it could be quite a long time before fans learn more about the project. Those interested will just have to be patient and stay tuned.

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