David Jaffe's New Game To Be Revealed Next Month

Having been the director and designer of some of PlayStation's most famous series' (including God of War and Twisted Metal) David Jaffe is a well-liked and well-known name in gaming. But he surprised many and followers in 2012 when he left Eat Sleep Play (a studio he co-founded) for a different path in his career.

The studio that came out of that move is called The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. The Bartlet Jones team has yet to release a game in its two-year history but next month at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas, we'll finally get a glimpse at what Jaffe and co. have been working on all this time.

A teaser ahead of a formal reveal, at 18 seconds in the PlayStation Experience video points us to this website. The site bears no features other than another equally as vague bit of footage.

Featuring the crazed, cake-covered face of David Jaffe along with some ghost-themed props, their game could possibly be a spooky, psychological thriller. That fits in line with the studio's backstory too. When Jaffe set up shop, he revealed that 'Bartlet Jones' is actually a real life supernatural investigator. Although Jones was approaching his 79th birthday, his appetite for ghost-hunting was still strong and Jaffe had accompanied him on several ghost-hunting trips and had learnt all about curing werewolves.

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Although the story of Bartlet Jones is likely a marketing ploy similar to the I Love Bees campaign for Halo 2 or P.T. Silent Hills, Jaffe is adamant that Jones is a real-life person. Though, of the other videos of the Bartlet Jones team, Jones is mysteriously absent.

Other information about what the studio is working on comes from LinkedIn. The official description of the team says the following:

"The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is a new game development studio located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District. The company is headed up by David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) and Nick Kononelos (SCEA) and the agency’s Technical Director is longtime industry vet and rockstar programmer Michael Riccio (SCEA, High Moon Studios). Our company is fully funded and is currently creating our first game- an action title based on an original IP. We are actively searching for talented teammates to join the agency (especially programmers with Unity and/or online experience)."

In an interview with Polygon last year, Jaffe also added that "I wouldn't say it's a grand huge epic game like Skyrim, but I will say when people play it, hopefully they will have a huge amount of fun and immediately see it is a portal into a much bigger universe in terms of IP and story and character."

As for what platforms the mysterious game could be coming to, a PlayStation Experience reveal and a team full of SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment American) veterans seems to suggest that the first Bartlet Jones game will be a PlayStation exclusive. However, Jaffe has also mentioned that Ubisoft or Microsoft could be the publisher so hopefully we'll get more details on platform (along with gameplay and a name) in a few weeks.

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