'Twisted Metal' Lead David Jaffe Talks New Studio's First Project

David Jaffe Talks Future Projects

The obvious question for David Jaffe, who just recently announced he was leaving developer Eat Sleep Play for greener pastures, is what's next? Though he still has to put the finishing touches on Twisted Metal, and will stay on staff after launch to oversee bug fixes and patches, after March he's free to move on to his next venture, which includes setting up a new studio in San Diego.

Along with that new studio, Jaffe has a couple new game ideas, four to be exact, mulling around in his head that he would like to see come to fruition. Although he didn't go into specifics, Jaffe did make mention of everything from browser-based games to guerrilla style survival horror. All sound like stark departures for Jaffe, but each sound very intriguing.

Having had strong ties with Sony for quite some time now, it wouldn't be surprising to see Jaffe work on a title for the inevitable PS4, or even the PlayStation Vita, but based on his initial proclamations it seems like he wants to go an entirely new route. As well, Eat Sleep Play is taking their own new leap into the world of mobile games, where they hope to reach a larger audience.

It's sad to see Jaffe, who bares a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for Twisted Metal, part with the franchise yet again, but the promise of enterprising new IPs is always something for gamers to get excited about. And when those game ideas are coming from the guy who gave us God of War, that's always something to pay attention to.

Unfortunately, what this exodus also means is a lack of post-launch support for Twisted Metal aside from that short period of time when tuning and game tweaks will be made. DLC was never in the cards, and a sequel seems even less of a possibility.

However it's not all bad news for Twisted Metal fans, as Jaffe did say he would love to meet back up with his development team some time in the future and deliver another post apocalyptic vehicle-based shooter. But at this very moment, it's all about what's new and exciting for Jaffe.

What genre of game would you like to see from David Jaffe? Do you think that the news of layoffs and Jaffe's leaving will impact sales of Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal releases February 14, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: Joystiq

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