Dauntless, the upcoming free-to-play cooperative action game in which players hunt monstrous Behemoths, is launching its closed PC beta starting this morning. The game’s Closed Beta trailer is now available, showcasing the gameplay loop of the hunt. Players will deck themselves out in specialized armor, group up with fellow adventurers, and travel among the Shattered Isles battling threatening Behemoths of increasing strength and size. Access to the Closed Beta can be acquired through one of Dauntless‘ early access Founder’s Packs.

Jesse Houston, Executive Producer at Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs, provided the following prepared statement regarding the team’s excitement for the Closed Beta and dedication to the project’s future:

“The Founder’s Alpha has been an inspirational experience for everyone here at Phoenix Labs. We’ve been collaborating with community, iterating on feedback, and improving Dauntless every day. Dauntless is a living game that we’ll be continuing to evolve, grow and expand through Closed Beta, Open Beta and beyond. Today’s Closed Beta launch marks the beginning of an amazing journey we’ll be taking with the Dauntless community for years to come.”

Dauntless has just concluded its Founder’s Alpha, which was exclusive to those who had purchased the highest tier of Founders Packs at $79.99. The two-week alpha was free to be livestreamed and discussed in public, leading to a new wave of energy for the project. Kicking off the Closed Beta so quickly after the alpha is certain to create growing excitement for the game.

The closed beta for Dauntless will remain somewhat limited in scope, but Phoenix Labs plans to grow it rapidly leading up to the game’s official free-to-play launch and then post-launch. New Behemoths, armor, weapons, islands on which to do battle, and also story expansions are just some of what Phoenix Labs has on its agenda. It’s everything a free-to-play game player wants to hear from a developer, expects from a developer these days.

To help kick off the closed beta right, Phoenix Labs has a booth (#2335) at PAX 2017 where this weekend they’ll be showing off Dauntless live. Players can try and take down a Behemoth while working with a team of fellow PAX attendees. Those who come out of the event victorious will be rewarded with access to the closed beta as well as other “exclusive rewards.” Odds are some of those rewards will be limited in quantity, so make sure to get in early for the best PAX loot.

Dauntless releases in 2017 on PC and will be free-to-play. Players can join the closed beta now by purchasing a premium Founder’s Pack, which start at $39.99.

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