'Darkstalkers' Game Already in Development; Next on Capcom's Slate

Darkstalkers Already in Development

Add yet another source to the growing number of rumors surrounding the existence of another Darkstalkers title being developed by Capcom. While, thus far, Capcom has done more to boost the Darkstalkers brand name, by releasing the original game on the PSN and registering a trademark for example, it looks like they might be doing this in service of building hype for a forthcoming announcement.

Though Capcom is hard at work hyping up Street Fighter X Tekken, their current fighting game property, it is revealed that when initial development on SF X Tekken was completed that Capcom started work on this Darkstalkers title. It's a little odd that Street Fighter X Tekken, a title that was announced way in advance of its release date, would be preceded by a title that flew under the radar, but that apparently is the case.

Also according to the source, which is the same source that broke the Resident Evil 6 news to VentureBeat, the Darkstalkers game will use an updated version of the same engine that powers Street Fighter X Tekken, which itself was an update of the Street Fighter IV engine. This most likely means we're looking at a Darkstalkers game that has a very similar milieu to the fighting games, save for Marvel vs. Capcom, that we've been seeing recently.

There's still a long way to go before Capcom puts the nail in this Darkstalkers coffin in one way fashion or the other, but at this point it looks like the game is in development, and might be coming a lot sooner than most were anticipating. Darkstalkers might be more of a niche fighting game franchise when compared to Capcom's other big hitter(s), but it absolutely has a hardcore following, and key members of its roster have always been staples of Capcom's roster for MvC.

Street Fighter X Tekken releases tomorrow, alongside Mass Effect 3, so look for Capcom to begin talking, or at least consider talking about, Darkstalkers very soon.

Are you excited to hear that a Darkstalkers game might already be in development? What fighters do you hope make the roster?

Source: VentureBeat

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