'Darksiders' Novel to Accompany Game Launch

Darksiders 2 Novel The Abomination Vault

Darksiders is a series that has yet to fully make its mark in the gaming sphere. With only one game released thus far, the depths of the world of Darksiders have barely been touched. Darksiders: The Abomination Vault is a novel meant to help players explore those depths. Working as a companion to the games, it will coincide with the launch of Darksiders 2.

THQ and the Random House Publishing Group are taking a note from the playbooks of other popular game makers and developing their brand with the launch a novel, set to expand the Darksiders universe. Darksiders: The Abomination Vault will take place waaaay before the first game and will focus on the relationship between War and Death as they attempt to stop a plot to resurrect ancient weapons that will most likely mess the world up. Unfortunately, players of the first game know that the world gets wrecked anyway.

The first Darksiders takes the biblical end of days and the lore that surrounds it and flips it upside down (i.e. makes it cooler). Taking a page directly out of the popular book, the four horsemen have been called in response to the end of the world. In the first game, released in 2010, players take control of War as he desperately tries to figure out what went really, really wrong. The problem with the first game is it was just a taste of what the world had to offer, leaving some players wanting more.

The second game, however, is much more promising and appears to expand on the overall story. How promising? Well, the teaser trailer doesn't reveal much, but check out what we thought of the recent gameplay preview to get the real skinny. The second game, like the novel, will also possibly explore a relationship between War and Death, as well as the other horsemen -- none of whom appeared in the first game.

The Darksiders universe could be worth venturing into outside of the game if the writing in the novel is solid. It would have be nicer if the novel were released somewhere between the two games' releases instead of with the sequel, building hype for the upcoming game instead of letting it gather dust for two years -- but perhaps the sequel and the novel will be well worth the wait. In any case, let's hope The Abomination Vault is free of the kinds of glaring mistakes that marred Mass Effect: Deception.

Darksiders 2 and Darksiders: The Abomination Vault are expected to release sometime this year.


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