Darksiders Genesis Trailer Shows New Abilities

darksiders genesis trailer abilities

Darksiders Genesis has teased ARPG fans with some footage of new abilities that look to squash hordes of baddies. With names like World Ender and Earthsplitter, Darksiders Genesis abilities might scratch the hack n' slash itch until the next monster ARPGs emerge.

Darksiders Genesis is set to be a prequel to the Darksiders series that will give players the fourth and final Horseman of the Apocalypse: Strife. The original Darksiders and its two sequels have been third person action games with an emphasis on over the top combat and light puzzle platforming with some RPG elements mixed in for good measure. Darksiders 3, the latest in the series, failed to capture fans like the first two.

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In this latest showcasing of abilities viewers get a sampling of a massive laser like power called World Ender, generating from the avatar that looks to cover huge areas. Rampage, on the other hand, shows the player bouncing between mobs in a classic charge. Earthsplitter shows a familiar earth shattering ability that jets straight from the character and likely damages anything in its path. Finally, Flamebrand looks to be a fiery whirlwind of entertainment.

All these abilities showcased offer a bit of security to ARPG fans. World Ender is a possible go-to for clearing out congested areas of low level mobs or as a single target focus ability; Rampage will offer players the ability to quickly change targets and give them a movement skill; Earthsplitter shows some limited area of effect abilities in action and Flamebrand looks to be a trash mob ability with the possibility of being a viable boss skill if players can manage their resources.

As most ARPGs are inspired by Diablo, all this looks familiar but with a Darksiders skin. Gamers have seen all these abilities in one form or another in many other hack n' slash titles. This is not to say a new entry into the genre is unwelcome, but without a unique mechanic or approach to character customization, there is very real potential for Darksiders Genesis to make a very small splash in an ever expanding pond.

Then again, even with the likes of Diablo IV and Path of Exile 2 presumably on for Q4 next year, something familiar and fun like Darksiders Genesis may be just what is needed to tide gamers over until those titles do release. Perhaps by then, Darksiders Genesis will have established itself as a contender in the hack n' slash arena and surprise everyone.

Darksiders Genesis releases in December 2019 for Google Stadia and PC, and PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in February 2020.

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