Exciting ‘Darksiders’ News Coming Soon, Says Former Creative Director

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When THQ declared bankruptcy back in 2012, the future of the publisher’s franchises (from WWE to Saints Row) was called into question. Luckily, many of those properties were auctioned off to new publishers, and they have found new life at their new homes. Not all of them, though.

One franchise that many hoped would survive the THQ auction is Darksiders, Vigil Games’ action platformer that features the four horseman of the apocalypse. It’s true that Darksiders did find a new home, Nordic Games, but thus far we have yet to hear what the publisher plans to do with the property, if anything at all.

That might soon change, though, as former Darksiders Creative Director Joe Madureira has taken to Facebook to tease a return for the franchise. Unfortunately, Madureira couldn’t say much; only that Nordic is not tossing the Darksiders property to the side, and that there might be more news regarding a future title “soon.”

4) Darksiders– DS is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series. As far as my involvement, I can’t say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!

Similarly, Madureira was unable to confirm his involvement with future Darksiders franchise entries, but given his knowledge of its future we’d suspect he is. A successful comic book writer and artist whose work includes the Uncanny X-Men and The Ultimates, Madureira is widely considered a key component to the Darksiders franchise, giving the two previous titles their unique art style and complex lore.

Either way, the good news is more Darksiders is presumably on the way. The hope is that new publisher/developer Nordic Games will be able to build on Vigil’s success, and hopefully bring us closer to the four-player co-op experience fans had been clamoring for. Shortly after the THQ auction, Madureira revealed that was the plan all along — four-player co-op, next-gen, and a battle with Lucifer — but unfortunately that never came to be.

Now that the franchise has found new life, perhaps those ideas will come to roost again; that is, if they weren’t copyright to Vigil Games or THQ. There are still at least two more stories to tell within the Darksiders lore – one each for the horsemen Strife and Fury — so there are clearly places for Nordic to go before the inevitable four player co-op extravaganza. Perhaps we’ll hear more of Nordic Games’ plan at E3 2014.

What do you hope the future of Darksiders entails? Do you think Joe Madureira is involved with the game?

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