New Darksiders 3 Art Strikes Familiar Tone


Not too long ago, Gunfire Games president sat down to give commentary over gameplay video for Darksiders 3 by detailing the game's story, characters, combat mechanics, and inspirations for the environments. Now, it seems as if THQ Nordic and the developers at Gunfire have decided to give fans of the hack-and-slash franchise an even better idea as to how these gameplay elements came to be by releasing several pieces of concept art for the forthcoming sequel, with the comcepts maintaining the series' familiar dark, fantastical tone.

As seen below in the concept art gallery for THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games' Darksiders 3, fans can get a gander at in-depth mock-ups for areas such as the lushly verdant domain known as Haven, underground subways overtaken by giant spiderwebs and glowing bug nests, and of course, ruined city landscapes. Not to mention, the concept art provides looks at the drawings that inspired several of the title's enemies, as well as silhouettes of the protagonist Fury.


Taking all of this into consideration, it looks as if Gunfire Games knows exactly the type of tone it needs to hit with Darksiders 3 so as to keep it consistent with the previous entries in the franchise. Of course, in order to give the sequel its own proper style and flair, it makes sense for the studio to have added fresh dashes and splashes of color that will help it stand out even more so from its predecessors.

Darksiders 3 currently lacks an official release date, but is in production for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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