‘Darksiders 2’ Final Gameplay Trailer, Arena Survival Mode Details & More

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At long last, Death is nearly upon us. Delayed from its original June 26th release date, Darksiders II rides to retail next Tuesday, August 14th, to tell the story of Death and his quest to clear the name of his fellow Horseman, War, protagonist of the original Darksiders.

Until the game lands on store shelves, publisher THQ and developer Vigil Games are taking every opportunity to arm prospective players and eager fans with as much Darksiders II information as they can handle. Check out the final Darksiders II gameplay trailer, “Know Death,” at the top of the page, and read on to learn about Nightmare Mode, Arena Survival Mode, in-game bonuses for players of the first Darksiders, and more!

Darksiders II is said to pack an epic, lengthy campaign — so much so that members of the game’s development team have already theorized that Darksiders III (should it be in the cards) will likely be smaller in scope. Just how big is Darksiders II? During THQ’s Q1 2013 Earnings Call, new THQ President Jason Rubin remarked, “I’ve spent an excess of 30 hours playing the title the first time through and that doesn’t include the side missions.” So, pretty big — and the game doesn’t have to end once the credits roll.

Darksiders 2 New Game Plus

In addition to a traditional New Game+ mode, which allows players to start over with all their leveled-up skills and valuable loot intact, Darksiders II offers a truly brutal option dubbed, appropriately enough, Nightmare Mode. Should players accept the challenge, they’ll have to face the game armed with but a single life. Die in the heat of combat, and not only is the game over, but the save file is history, too. In an apparent act of mercy, environmental deaths don’t trigger the same consequences.

In addition to its campaign, Darksiders II will offer players the chance to cut down wave after wave of enemies in Arena Survival Mode. After surviving five waves, players will be given the choice to “cash out” and claim a prize, or return to face the hordes once again. Be warned, players who fall in battle get nothing, though surviving all 100 waves promises rich rewards.

Speaking of rewards, Vigil Games is offering a few to players of the original Darksiders. The Pauldron of the Horsemen, which Vigil describes as a “level 5 legendary armor piece [that] boosts all Death’s stats as well as his critical damage” awaits everyone who played Darksiders (and has the requisite Achievements/Trophies to prove it). Players who actually completed the first game also score a second bonus, the Chaos Fang, a “level 1 legendary scythe” that provides a damage/critical damage boost. Nice!

Of course, all the incentives, rewards, and extra modes in the world mean nothing if the core game doesn’t deliver. According to Rubin, “The extra 6 weeks the company gave the team for polish and fine-tuning really show,” and I hope that’s true — this is one game that I’m seriously looking forward to playing. How about you?

What do you think, Ranters? Will Darksiders II be able to live up to — perhaps even exceed — the high standards set by its predecessor?

Darksiders II releases August 14, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and at launch for Wii U.

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