Despite a set up that would lend itself perfectly to a co-op mode, Darksiders 2 developer Vigil Games has confirmed this iteration will not feature any multiplayer.

Obviously, since the game is focused on four different horsemen of the apocalypse, one would assume that the idea of a four player co-op title featuring each horseman as playable has been brought up a number of times, but it just isn’t the cards right now — although Vigil did consider it.

For Vigil, the Darksiders series is about telling four distinct, parallel stories in four unique games. Sure, there will be elements that overlap, but just the animations of each main character, like Darksiders 2’s Death, require enough work to keep a large development team busy.

“[Multiplayer] has been something we’ve been wanting to do since DS1,” said Donald. “You almost have to make four games. You’ve got completely different animation sets. It’s 800 to 1,000 animations for Death alone and they’re all unique. One thing great about working with Joe [Madureira] is that he comes up with awesome characters but they have completely different proportions, so you can’t share any of the animations across them.”

Death and his brethren might share similar goals — trying to clear their compatriot War’s name — but they each carry with them unique play styles. Making a game that would feature all four horsemen isn’t necessarily off the table; it just isn’t in the card right now.

What gamers will be getting instead is a second game that adds a little bit of backstory to the first Darksiders, but also puts its own perspective on the apocalyptic storyline. Playing as Death, players will experience new characters, new dungeons, and hopefully a ton of weapons/gadgets to keep the HD Zelda theme going.

Perhaps once Vigil nails down the designs and animations for the other two horsemen, presumably named Conquest and Famine, then gamers might have a greater chance of seeing a four-player co-op Darksiders title. Never the less, gamers will be able to get their hands on Death’s side of the apocalypse storyline in Darksiders 2, unfortunately they will have to play through it solo.

Do you think that Darksiders 2 would have benefited from some sort of multiplayer offering? Can you see a fifth Darksiders title that lets you and three friends play as all four horseman of the apocalypse?

Darksiders 2 is slated to release in 2012 on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

Source: Shacknews