This 'Darksiders 2' Developer Diary Goes in Depth on Death

Darksiders 2 Developer Diary

Darksiders 2 is one of our most anticipated games of 2012 and the following developer diary gives us several reasons to want this game more than we already do. Vigil Games proved with the first Darksiders that they have the skills to make a quality title and this video shows that we can expect a lot more from this team.

One of the last videos we saw of Darksiders 2 was the teaser shown at last year's VGAs. The trailer played more like an announcement teaser than a trailer for a game that was close to the end of production. It was puzzling as to why this was released - especially when we had several screenshots and the original trailer — which included gameplay. Perhaps it was just something to show off at one of the most watched video games shows of the year.

The following developer diary offers more details in terms of why Death was chosen for the second game. It also goes into detail into how much more creative the team over at Vigil Games could get with this sequel. Check the dev diary entitled "Behind the Mask: Death Rises" below:


One of the main things fans should take away from this video is that the developers are no longer bound by creating settings based on Earth. Gamers should expect to see more diverse and creative environments as the devs let their imaginations loose on this upcoming title. We've already seen some of new environments in previous artwork, but this just makes fans of the series more anxious to see the final product.

The combat in Darksiders 2 will be kicked up several notches as gamers will be able to tailor Death to suit their play style. They can go with the fast action of dual swords or the slower and stronger hits of a heavy weapon. Also, gamers will be able to use guns and anything else at their disposal. In the video, general manager David Adams referred to Death's scythe as a “Swiss Army Scythe.” It's clear the developers wanted the players to have the option to switch up their style whenever they wanted, or whenever the situation called for it.

This video shouldn't just make fans of the series excited for Darksiders 2, but also the future games in the franchise. There are two more horsemen who have stories to tell.

Are you excited to play as Death in Darksiders 2?

Darksiders 2 is expected to launch in Summer 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is also rumored to be a Wii U launch title.


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