Darksiders 2 Location Character Art Design

Following the success of the original Darksiders, THQ has decided to give fans more of what they wanted. Darksiders 2 is being developed by Vigil Games and is looking to build upon what made the first game great. The sequel is said to be at least twice as big as the original, and the developer is investing a lot into the characters and art of the game.

People constantly compare Darksiders to a Zelda game and though that’s nothing to be ashamed of, the features they are adding to Darksiders 2 may lessen that comparison. Nevertheless, any game that can live up to the Zelda pedigree can’t be too bad.

In Darksiders 2, gamers will play as Death (instead of War) and continue the fight for humanity that started in Darksiders. Game Director, Marvin Donald, says that War was more of a tank character – and that the upcoming protagonist, Death, will be more fluid and agile. The studio is definitely looking to up the rock star ante in the sequel. Death wears less armor and is generally a more showy and expressive fighter. In addition, Death will wield a pair of scythes throughout the game, and combine them together at certain points to form an even more formidable weapon.

All of the core gameplay features from Darksiders are present in Darksiders 2, along with new things. Loot is new to the series and will provide players with added customization options. The various items will allow players to pursue specific fighting styles based on what they equip. Vigil Games is also adding more RPG elements – such as a full stat system – to keep gamers coming back for more.

Darksiders is mostly known for its gameplay, but the artists and creative forces behind the franchise’s art shouldn’t be overlooked. The dedicated art team is determined to bring the specific “Darksiders style” to the sequel in every aspect of Death’s adventure.

Darksiders 2 Death Character Art Design

Han Randhawa, Vigil Games’ Art Director, says the Darksider’s art style can be summed up quite simply.

“We just want to make it strong. So, nothing wispy or whimsical. Nothing in Darksiders should look goofy.”

They want Darksiders 2 to have an even more defined sense of style than the original. Randhawa goes on to talk about how the general rule of thumb is that everything in Darksiders 2 should be worn and feature sharp edges. Apparently curves and elegance do not belong in Darksiders 2. These guidelines are true, not only for character models, but also items, weapons, scenery, and locations.

An interesting point is that, although the subject matter is definitely grim and dark, the art will not be gray and dull. In fact, creative director, Joe Madureira, is a big proponent of using bright and vibrant colors to bring the game to life. Their goal is to use a variety of colors to distinguish specific locations from one another.

The first game came out of nowhere and was a huge success critically. As a result, the pressure is definitely on newcomer Vigil Games to create a worthy successor. We will all get to see the result sometime in 2012.

Darksiders 2 will be available sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It is also expected as a launch title for the Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Gameinformer