Darkrai Invades 'Pokemon Black' and 'White' this May

Darkrai Distribution in Pokemon Black and White

As many are well aware, "gotta catch 'em all" is the motto for the Pokemon franchise. The problem with that tagline is that catching them all is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Nintendo keeps coming out with new creatures all the time, and many of the rare Pokemon can only be obtained through exclusive events that randomly pop up once in awhile. Luckily, a new event will bring the Legendary Pokemon Darkrai into the reach of gamers, who own either Pokemon Black or White versions, later this month.

To celebrate the release of the latest expansion for the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game, Black and White — Dark Explorers, Nintendo will be giving those with access to an internet connection the ability to add Darkrai to their games. Those who've played through Pokemon Black and White should be jumping at the chance to secure the mystical monster before Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 arrive later this Fall, but they'll have to act fast before the event comes to and end.

On May 9th, the nightmare Pokemon can quickly become a dream come true for anyone hoping to check off one more pocket monster on their list. As with many exclusive giveaways in the past, Darkrai will come with a few hidden abilities in his arsenal. Details on which special abilities the legendary creature will come packaged with won't be revealed until it becomes available for download.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Darkrai will be able to see what the Pokemon is capable of first-hand in The Rise of Darkrai — a fully animated feature film which will soon be available to watch for free on the official Pokemon website. The movie will be available to watch on May 9th, the same day Darkrai will be distributed to the masses.


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