‘Darkout’ Impressions and Gameplay Video

By | 3 years ago 

Welcome to our regular gameplay impressions and video post where we record our first 10-30 minutes with a new game, and provide some general impressions on that early playthrough. Today’s game is: Darkout from developer Allgraf.

For starters, it’s best to explain that Darkout is not a game that is best served by a quick 20-minute intro video, as it requires several hours just to scratch the surface. But the basic premise of the game is that the player character has crash-landed on a randomly generated world and they are asked merely to survive.

However, as with most games of this ilk (Minecraft, Terraria, etc.), Darkout‘s entertainment value doesn’t come from simply surviving, but from creating a thriving habitat and consistently making it better. So, while the game starts out small, things only escalate from there, to the point players will have vast habitats, littered with furniture and hobbled together from various materials.

Darkout Gameplay Video

But while Darkout delivers on its general premise, there are a few shortcomings to the game, at least early on. In a game like this, with seemingly unlimited possibilities, the tutorial leaves a lot to be desired, and doesn’t effectively communicate the game’s mechanics. Similarly, the menus are exceedingly finicky and imprecise.

In fact, I restarted my game world several times before I finally started to understand how best to proceed. After that, and with almost an hour’s worth of poking and prodding under my belt, I started to get the hang of Darkout and found some fun with the game.

For fans of Terraria or Minecraft, Darkout looks to be a decent alternative, one that offers similar objectives and thrills packaged with a unique art style. It has its shortcomings, and they are apparent from the very beginning, but fans of the genre will certainly find a lot to like about this game.

What do you think of Darkout? Does it seem like a game that might interest you?

Darkout is available now for $14.99 on Steam.