After months of deep runs and plenty of hilarious fails, The Happy Hob has finally completed the Dark Souls trilogy no hit run. Yes, that is all three Dark Souls games, back to back, without taking a single hit from an enemy or boss.

No hit runs are nothing new for the world of Dark Souls, and The Happy Hob is well versed in them. Not long ago he was the only challenge runner to have beat Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 without taking a hit, but those were all separate streams and instances. For 2017 (and now 2018) he wanted to no hit the trilogy.

As we mentioned, it took a long time for The Happy Hob to get a rhythm, but eventually things started to come together. Just a few weeks ago, Hob was on the final boss of the trilogy run, Soul of Cinder, but he took a hit after being too passive. Still, this was a good sign, because it meant that the true no hit run was possible and likely right around the corner.

For those that have questions about no hit runs, there are a few things worth mentioning about this trilogy run. First, the no hit qualifier applies to damage and staggers from enemies, so fall damage, poison, or anything that depletes the player’s health does not “count” as a hit. In fact, many no hit runners purposefully take damage in order to use the Red Tearstone Ring and other items that buff damage at low health. For most players these items are practically useless, since taking on bosses with low health is a huge risk, but when you are trying not to get hit, the RTSR helps make fights quicker.

The other thing worth pointing out is that The Happy Hob structured his trilogy run to have some variety, which is why it ends on Dark Souls 1 and not Dark Souls 3. Over time having to restart constantly on Dark Souls 1 led to fatigue and hurt his familiarity with the other two games, so he decided to start each run with a different game. That being said, he always wanted each run to end on Dark Souls 1 or 3 since those games have the best concluding boss fights. Dark Souls 2’s fight with Nashandra is less glamorous because Happy Hob needs to “cheese” her a bit with the bow to play things safe.

Now that he’s done it, The Happy Hob has a few other challenge runs in mind, including a Resident Evil 4 no hit run and a Bloodborne no hit run, but for now he should enjoy this incredible achievement. He is now the only player to beat all three Dark Souls games, in a row, without taking a hit.