With less then a week left until players take on another adventure in masochism (read: play Dark Souls), Namco Bandai has decided to celebrate with the release of the Dark Souls ‘All Saint’s Day’ trailer. The trailer itself not only helps to showcase some of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls, but also the amazing graphics.

While Dark Souls‘ spiritual predecessor, Demon’s Souls was by no means an ugly game, one only needs to watch the trailer below to see just how much more improved the graphics are. Enemies and environments look much more detailed than before, which is certainly a plus for any Demon’s Souls fan.

Players eagerly anticipating the imminent release of Dark Souls should watch the trailer below as it shows off exactly what to expect from the new dark and twisted experience. Mostly lots of frightening monsters that will result in numerous deaths.

Just a warning:


For the hardcore Dark Souls fans, Namco Bandai also has a special announcement. Namely, five unique Dark Souls statues that will not be sold online or through retailers. By visiting Preparetodie.com players can participate in an online contest that will give them a chance to win one of these limited edition statues.

There are five statues in total, and each one is unique and hand crafted by Peter Nordstrom, a huge Dark Souls fan from the Preparetodie forums. Check them out in the gallery below:

As mentioned earlier there are only five of these statues and they will not be sold in stores. While it is likely that someone will end up selling theirs, the actual asking price may end up being a bit more than many can afford. Those interested in the statues should hurry up and visit Preparetodie.com as there is still time to enter the contest.

Demon’s Souls ended up being a sleeper hit of 2009 and its unprecedented success brought forth this spiritual successor, Dark Souls. While Dark Souls will offer a few campfire checkpoints, players shouldn’t expect the game to be any less unforgiving. Dark Souls is said to be more brutal than its predecessor, and we’ll find out just how difficult it is when it launches next week.

Dark Souls launches October 4th, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and October 7th in Europe.

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