GR Picks: Japanese Player Showcases 'Dark Souls' Speed-Run

GR Pick Dark Souls Speed Run

Japanese gamers have one-upped us here in America once again, this time speed-running through the notoriously difficult new release, Dark Souls. Yes, the country that has brought us feats like beating the difficult Ikaruga with one hand, playing Tetris on the highest speed possible, and discovering ways to break fighting games, has brought us one more success to shake in the face of us Americans: A speed-run that takes place over 5 total videos, totaling of 1:26:28, by a player dubbed "Twilight."

Obviously, those who have had experience with either Dark Souls or its predecessor, Demon's Souls, will know that these games are not a walk in the park - inless the park happens to be in the 9th layer of hell. Difficulties aside, both games offer a genuine RPG experience that calls back to days when gamers were dedicated to their games and worked  to get better at them. "Twilight" ended up doing that, and he was able to beat the game in less time than it takes to watch the film Scarface.

Yes, with Twilight being a Japanese player, the footage will be in Japanese, but if you have played Dark Souls by now, there will be no issues determining what's happening - what options are being selected, or where he is during the game. This is truly a speed-run, as well. Twilight doesn't waste any time he doesn't have to, runs everywhere, eschews opening certain chests, and only engages in combat when he absolutely has to. Whether you've already played Dark Souls or love the art of the speed-run, you will enjoy watching the series.


Yes, the bosses that some people might have been stuck on were defeated by Twilight in mere seconds. Dark Souls is a game that developer From Software and publisher Namco Bandai are having fun with. The latest trailer already establishes that the player is going to die and probably die a lot. For a bit less intimidation factor, the story trailer establishes what happens in the sequel of Demon's Souls.

Will you be attempting your own speed-run through Dark Souls? Will you utilize any strategies seen in the speed-run?

Dark Souls is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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