Without a doubt, Solaire of Astora is one of the most recognizable characters within the Dark Souls series, as he is equated with one of the franchise’s most iconic phrases and poses with his “Praise the Sun” stance. Now, in order to celebrate Solaire’s role in theĀ From Software games, the toy manufacturer First 4 Figures has announced his inclusion in its line of toys for the notoriously difficult action-RPG.

Solaire of Astora will be available as one of four different editions from First 4 Figures’ series of statues for the games, and all of them are set to release in Q4 2017. A Regular Edition Solaire is able to be pre-ordered now for $294.99, and it just includes the character himself, while the Exclusive Edition of the figure is available for pre-order until April 4 for $344.99, and it includes a shield, diecast sword, interchangeable bases, and other accessories found in Dark Souls.




As seen in the gallery of images above, First 4 Figures is also offering The Praise the Sun Edition of Solaire, which features the knight mid-pose, and it has LEDs in the figure and base that reflect the summon animation from Dark Souls. This edition comes with a sword, a sheath, as well as a unique art print, and it is available for pre-order until March 24 for $369.99. Those who are looking to spend an extremely pretty penny, though, can get both the Exclusive Edition and Praise the Sun Edition of Solaire in the Jolly Cooperation Super Combo that’s available for pre-order until March 24 for $639.99.

Dark Souls fans who are ready to make a pre-order for any of these Solaire statues from First 4 Figures can do so right here. For those unaware, Solaire of Astora’s addition to the toy manufacturer’s line of Dark Souls figures joins Artorias the Abysswalker and The Great Grey Wolf Sif as the newest collectible, so if fans of the franchise are willing to splurge, they can find the other two products on the company’s website.

Considering the amount of detail and high quality workmanship applied to the 21.5 inch tall Solaire of Astora figures, it makes sense for First 4 Figures to charge such a high price for the models. After all, the toy manufacturer is quite skilled at their craft, especially when one takes into consideration their The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask replica it made a while back.

Dark Souls‘ latest entry, Dark Souls 3, is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: First 4 Figures