'Dark Souls' Beaten With 'Rock Band' Guitar; Darth Maul Mod Hits 'DS 2'

Dark Souls 2 Darth Maul Mod


By now most gamers are aware of the challenges the Souls series presents to players. Not only have titles like Dark Souls and Demon Souls become synonymous with the frustratingly difficult, but they have also fueled a new devoted fan base. Players don't just try to survive Dark Souls anymore; they turn it into a religion.

One Dark Souls fan, for example, took it upon himself to beat the entire first game using only a Rock Band guitar. And we're not talking about using just the note buttons in place of the face buttons either; this guy used the entire peripheral as a traditional controller.

Obviously, there was some button mapping work done ahead of time, but after that it was all Rock Band guitar. As a result, the gamer ended up using things like the whammy bar to navigate and the effects switch to rotate the camera. And surprisingly, the gamer beat Dark Souls 1 in a little over 11 hours.


For a full recap of the Dark Souls fan's efforts you can check out his Twitch archive here, or read some insights on his Reddit post. Overall, it sounds and looks like he didn't have too much trouble adapting to the guitar, but we assume that's because he's beaten Dark Souls a number of times already.

The gamer also hopes to tackle Dark Souls 2 soon, but is waiting for all of the DLC to release first. Given that some say DS2 is actually easier than the first game, we think he should have no problem completing his task, but are eager to follow his exploits nonetheless.


In other Dark Souls news we bring footage of a pretty awesome PC mod for Dark Souls 2 that turns the player character from a lowly armor-covered peasant into Darth Maul. Essentially, the mod swaps one of the game's default tattoo skins with a Darth Maul version, giving players the look of the Star Wars character. Then it's up to them to find the necessary weapon and armor to complete the set, but at least until then they will look like Maul.

While plenty of social experiments are using Twitch chat or fish to pilot games, there are some truly inventive examples of gamer ingenuity out there. Tackling Dark Souls with a regular controller is no easy feat, but doing so with a Rock Band controller must have been a steep uphill climb. Either way, our hats off to you, modders of Dark Souls, for finding clever ways to keep this game in the spotlight.

Are you impressed by the gamer's accomplishment? What other types of mods would you like to see in Dark Souls 2?


Source: Reddit, YouTube

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