An intrepid Twitch streamer completes Dark Souls without taking any damage throughout the entire playthrough, becoming the first player to ever do so.

Dark Souls is known as one of the more challenging games out on the market, and more than four years after its release the title is still making headlines for its difficulty. Before today, it looks like no player has ever beaten Dark Souls without their player taking a single hit, an event which will occur to most players within minutes of starting the game, and one which will recur many times throughout a normal playthrough.

This week, however, one player managed to finish Dark Souls without collecting so much as a scratch on their character. Streamer The_Happy_Hobbit became the first ever played to accomplish this impressive task yesterday, and he did it  for all to see live from his Twitch account, which was full of a good mix of encouraging fans and nay-saying doubters. Happy Hobbit regularly streams Dark Souls playthroughs on his Twitch account, and completed the no-damage challenge over the course of eight hours last night.

Interested gamers can take a peak at his impressive bout of skill in the Twitch archival video below:

Watch live video from The_Happy_Hobbit on

The streamer self-described the feat as ‘world record-setting’, and staked his claim as the first player to ever beat the game without picking up a knock. No other gamers have stepped forward to challenge the bold claim, and it looks like The Happy Hobbit rightfully owns the crown for this achievement for the time being.

It seems like the Twitch streamer isn’t happy with merely doing this once, however, as he’s planning on repeating the challenge in a follow-up stream to cement his victory, perhaps in even less time than it took him in the first attempt.

This isn’t the first time players have beaten Dark Souls in unique ways, however. Other fans of the series have undergone such tasks as playing the game with only voice commands, or even attempting to beat the game upside down. It goes without saying that these rival challengers took damage in the process.

While defeating Dark Souls without taking damage is quite a challenge, Namco is currently offering up another challenge for players: anyone who can explain the franchise’s convoluted storyline in a clear fashion has a chance to get $10,000. The fiscal competition is expected to build up hype for the upcoming release of Dark Souls 3, which looks even more difficult than the first title.

Dark Souls 3 is expected to challenge gamers aplenty when it releases on April 12 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Polygon