Dark Souls Trilogy Could Come to Nintendo Switch, Says Report


According to a new report, FromSoftware is considering bringing the Dark Souls trilogy of games to the Nintendo Switch and that a Dark Souls 3 port is already in development.

Over the past few weeks, there have been several leaks regarding Nintendo Switch games. From the rumors that the Switch is getting a Mario/Raving Rabbids crossover RPG, to the report that a Pokemon Sun and Moon Nintendo Switch port is currently in development, those working on games for the upcoming console have been unable to keep a lid on it.

And it doesn't look as though these leaks are set to end any time soon, as yet another report about Nintendo Switch games has come out. Let's Play Video Games has spoken to sources that claim FromSoftware has developed a Nintendo Switch port for Dark Souls 3, and that the critically acclaimed action RPG is at "a level of performance [FromSoftware] is happy with." Though, the developer isn't dead certain on releasing it.

The report also claims that FromSoftware is currently discussing the "financial viability" of releasing all three Dark Souls games on the Nintendo Switch, complete with all of their DLC. The Switch version of Dark Souls 3 would be released the same day the company re-releases the game and all of its DLC (in one package) on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Before the developer commits to this, though, it wants to see "initial sales data," says the report. It's understandable that the developer would want to proceed with caution given that even Nintendo investors are unsure that gamers will flock to stores to pick up the new console. Nintendo's Switch sales estimate of 2 million is being seen as conservative by some analysts and following the Switch reveal, the company's stock dropped. This doesn't inspire much confidence, so it makes sense that FromSoftware wants to hedge its bets for now.

As for whether or not a Dark Souls 3 port actually exists and that these sources are accurate, all signs point to it being the real deal. Having previously revealed that it is 'hoping' to bring Dark Souls to virtual reality headsets, FromSoftware is clearly interested in bringing the series to new platforms, even if it isn't interested in making a Dark Souls 3 sequel. It should also be noted that the official list of the Nintendo Switch's third-party support includes FromSoftware, although the developer hasn't officially announced what it is making for the Switch.

Plenty of gamers would want to test their mettle against Dark Souls' ultra-difficult gameplay on the go, so fingers crossed that FromSoftware really does have a Switch port in the oven and that this isn't just one very optimistic pipe dream.

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