Praise The Sun: 10 Dark Souls Memes That Are Too True

From Software's Demon Souls is an acclaimed game, but the Souls series didn't reach prominence until the release of Dark Souls. Strangely enough, Demon Souls is a darker game than Dark Souls, but Dark Souls has more memorable boss fights and is more widely available to consumers. Be warned, Dark Souls is not for the faint of heart or novice gamers.

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It's a game that is more demanding than it needs to be with plenty of subject matter to joke about. Naturally, we put together a compilation of memes that are too true and hilarious for words. Praise the sun! These are 10 Dark Souls memes that are too true.

Can't Wait For That Switch Version

With the announcement that Dark Souls 3 was coming to the Nintendo Switch, fans obviously wanted to know what this new version of the game was going to look like.

Of course, they were probably wondering more about the graphics, not whether Mario himself was going to have to pummel through all of the terrifying and difficult monsters the game series has to offer.

9 Prepare To Want To Die Edition

Blight Town is unequivocally the most annoying section of the first Dark Souls game. To make matters worse, From Software games such as Dark Souls 2 take inspiration from Blight Town, adding their own dark wooded areas.

Navigating through poisonous gas and half-built structures couldn't be more frustrating than it is in Blight Town. Dark Souls should have been named the "Prepare To Want To Die Edition" instead of the "Prepare To Die Edition."

8 Dark Souls Logic Be Like

Right from the beginning of Dark Souls 3, players are brought into a fierce battle against a powerful foe. Because experienced players might be rusty and new players have no experience at all, Iudex Gundyr can be considered one of the toughest bosses in the game.

Most games have a tutorial section to introduce players to the game. Dark Souls ignores all gaming etiquette by delivering grueling battles early on. Love it or hate it, Dark Souls' style of play is here to stay since it has a large enough fanbase for FromSoftware to continue what they're doing.

7 To Play Fortnite Is Human, To Play Dark Souls Divine

In the game of Fortnite, there is a world of endless possibilities. The building potential and superhuman capabilities of players in Fortnite is nothing like what we see in Dark Souls. Dark Souls has realism, and by playing the game, your "humanity" will be restored. Fortnite is a fun free-to-play game, which pushes the limits of a human being.

This meme is up for interpretation. While one person may take a particular meaning from this meme's message, someone else might think something different.

6 We've All Been There

The meme claims to represent Dark Souls, but it appears as if Captain Phasma from Star Wars is lying against a tree. Although it is most likely a Dark Souls meme, this message can apply to just about any game that has an online component. Dark Souls invaders are unwanted annoyances who rarely accomplish their goal.

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When it does happen, however, it can be really annoying if you have a plentitude of souls. If you didn't notice, the player responds by raising their middle finger. There is no gesture in Dark Souls that allows you to flip the bird, but there should be.

5 At Least The Game Is Being Honest

People who haven't played Dark Souls will likely not understand this meme. The person who created the meme did a great job of adding a message with a similar font to the real game. Dark Souls' developer, From Software, doesn't want people to succeed in the game. If they did, they might have decided to add tips for players when they die.

Instead, From Software offers no tips to complete bosses and expects players to figure out everything on their own. Dark Souls is one of those love it or hate it type of games that will continue to divide players across the world.

4 When A Dark Souls Meme Is Spot On

Although this one is similar to a previous meme, it is still funny. Tutorials in Dark Souls are almost non-existant, and before players have passed the learning curve of the game, they are immersed in colossal boss fights that are beyond difficult. On the bright side, the Asylum Demon is possibly the easiest boss to defeat in the first Dark Souls game.

By performing a jumping attack from above, one can take out a significant amount of the Asylum Demon's health. Despite the Asylum Demon being more relaxed than other bosses in the game, it is by no means a suitable boss considering how early it appears.

3 When You're Carrying Over 500K Souls

The only thing that is flawed about this meme is the fact that the Black Phantoms are red. They are also referred to as "Red Phantoms," yet this oddity is out of the meme creator's control.

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Carrying 500k+ souls, most players would feel protective if someone invaded their game. It isn't unusual for people who do a lot of PVP to carrying hundreds of thousands of souls. The most experienced players are so powerful that nothing can take down their massive health bars—not even Patrick with a battle axe.

2 This Logic Can't Be Denied

Members of the gaming community are a quarrelsome bunch who believe they are always right and everyone else is wrong. Head on to just about any gaming forum, and you'll see differing viewpoints on matters.

Hopefully, people can agree that this meme. Cuphead is hard, Dark Souls 3 is harder, and the hardest is "enjoying games instead of complaining about them." Even a masterpiece like Dark Souls 3 can receive criticism for the most ridiculous reasons.

1 Experienced Dark Souls Players Will Get This One

Dark Souls 2 is easier to replay than the first Dark Souls game. The series becomes progressively more relaxed as you go through the Dark Souls series. The sense of lower difficulty could be attributed to players being more experienced when they play later games.

The first playthrough of Dark Souls 2 is a tough journey, while the second playthrough is like playing it on easy mode. Fighting some of the most basic enemies such as Hollows, Hollow Warriors, and Skeletons is second-nature to players who have beaten the game once.

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