This 'Dark Souls' Trailer Is Only For The Hardcore

Dark Souls Hardcore Trailer

Dark Souls isn't a game known for hand-holding and daffodils, it's a game for the hardest of the hardcore, and as shown in this latest trailer, it may even be too much for them to handle.

The latest Dark Souls trailer, simply titled "Hardcore" is a collection of multiple deaths as a lone warrior fights against all manor of beasts and mythical creatures. Simply put, Dark Souls looks even more excruciating than it's predecessor, and with an upped sense of scale to boot. The enemies look amazing yet terrifying, and are sure to keep players frustrated (though in an enjoyable manner) as they attempt to take down some of the game's bosses, some of which can be seen as limited edition Dark Souls statues.

The trailer's opening line, "I remember the first time I died," probably won't apply to 99.9% of readers, as chances are by the time you finish Dark Souls the amount of deaths will be so innumerable that it will all be a blur. Check out the trailer for yourself to see why:


Aside from showing the player get murdered in some very creative ways, the "Hardcore" trailer also displays some of the weapons players will have access to throughout the game. Aside from the standard sword and shield, one interesting weapon appears to be Wolverine-style claws that players can use to bludgeon their enemies. There was a similar weapon in Demon's Souls, though it was very ineffective and needed some mastering.

By the end of the trailer, Namco Bandai starts showing off the critical success Dark Souls has received, with near perfect scores from various outlets being highlighted. Our review will be up in the coming days, so if any of you are still holding out on hearing what we have to say (stop it, you're making us blush!) the wait will only be a little while longer.

Dark Souls is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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