Overwatch players discover a Dark Souls Easter Egg in the game’s upcoming Eichenwalde map, adding to the growing list of Easter Eggs Blizzard has hidden in the game.

Blizzard is notorious for stuffing its games full of Easter Eggs for dedicated fans to discover, and its hit first-person shooter Overwatch is certainly no exception. The base game has plenty of Easter Eggs itself, including a touching tribute to a deceased fan, but even more have been added post-launch. And it looks like first post-launch map for Overwatch will have its own secrets as well.

Fans testing the new Eichenwalde map in Overwatch have discovered a neat Easter Egg that is a clear nod to Bandai Namco’s popular Dark Souls franchise. In a room opposite of the castle’s entrance on Eichenwalde, players can find a bonfire that looks very similar to the ones scattered about the world in Dark Souls games. For those that don’t know, bonfires serve as save points in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls fans are sure to get a kick out of this little Easter Egg, but fans of other games will have Easter Eggs to look forward to on the Eichenwalde map as well. For example, horns from a Diablo demon can be found mounted on the wall in one of the villager’s homes, and knowing Blizzard, there’s probably plenty of other references that haven’t even been found yet.

Dark Souls Easter Egg Found in Overwatch - Eichenwalde Dark Souls bonfire Overwatch

Some fans assume that Eichenwalde also hides clues to Sombra, who many believe will be the next character added to the game. In the lead-up to the sniper/healer Ana joining Overwatch‘s roster, Blizzard hid references to her throughout the game’s maps, and it’s reasonable to assume that Sombra will get the same treatment, especially in a brand new map like Eichenwalde.

The masses will have a chance to scour Eichenwalde for Sombra clues and other Easter Eggs soon enough. While an exact release date for the map is not known at this time, it’s been suggested that Tuesday, September 6th could see Eichenwalde added to the game. It’s possible that the Eichenwalde update will coincide with the launch of Overwatch‘s second season of Competitive Play, so September should be an especially exciting month for fans of the game.

Moving forward, expect Blizzard to continue to create new maps filled with various pop culture references. And luckily for Overwatch players, all DLC maps and characters will be free, so they won’t have to spend any extra cash to look for new Easter Eggs in future Overwatch maps.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer