Amazing Animation Features Dark Souls and Cuphead Mashup

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While Dark Souls and Cuphead share very little in common besides a notoriously grueling difficulty, it turns out they work surprisingly well together as a video game mashup.

Fueled by the team's admiration of both games, YouTube channel 64 Bits took Dark Souls and animated it in the style of Cuphead for an absolutely stunning parody that will have gamers begging to play it. Unfortunately, they can't. It isn't a real game, but the work and love that went into the video will convince you that it should be. "We made you something special! We just love Cuphead (and Dark Souls!) So we animated this mashup!" the studio said in a Tweet.

Cupsouls perfectly captures many of the best moments and characters from the Dark Souls franchise with stunning attention to detail. A collection of memorable boss fights from the series are showcased, such as the Ashen One's encounter with Ornstein and Smough, and Sif, the Great Grey Wolf. While these gruesome foes have become animated, they somehow remain ever menacing. Some of the same boss mechanics are also present, and are expertly translated to the 2D platform. The iconic bonfire even gets the Cuphead treatment at the end of the video.

If this is an indication of what's to come, we're looking forward to more great parodies like this one from the budding YouTube channel.

Speaking of parodies, this isn't the first time Dark Souls has gotten the treatment. In another unexpected mashup, of sorts, YouTuber JellyElite~ took the E3 Super Mario Odyssey trailer and recreated it using Dark Souls with humorous results. Donning the iconic red cap, and what we expect are various mods or hacks, the Ashen One hops all over the Kingdom of Lothric, stomping on and punching just about everything in sight. It's very silly, but lots of fun.

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