Publisher Bandai Namco puts out a tease for some “big” news relating to its notoriously difficult action-RPG series, Dark Souls, saying the reveal comes tomorrow.

According to a tweet on the official Bandai Namco UK Twitter account, Dark Souls fans will be receiving some substantial information about the franchise tomorrow, on April 8. However, the video game publisher basically left it at that, without giving any hints as to what the news could be about regarding Dark Souls, and implored fans to “stay tuned.”

The announcement from Bandai Namco didn’t directly address the forthcoming entry and potential end to the action-RPG series, Dark Souls 3, so it’s possible for the publisher to reveal details for a project that’s related to the franchise like, say, a movie. Considering the fact that a lot of video game studios are jumping into the film industry by optioning their titles for the silver screen — Ubisoft is putting out an Assassin’s Creed movie in December 2016, for instance — it’s entirely plausible for From Software and Bandai Namco to adapt the interesting, albeit convoluted Dark Souls story for cinematic release.

Keeping in mind that Dark Souls 3 is dropping next week, however, it’s more likely that the “big” news relates to the third sequel’s Season Pass and DLC, as developers will surely wish to promote the title as much as humanly possible ahead of its worldwide launch. Plus, since the game has technically been available to fans around the globe by way of an Xbox One region loophole for the international version, and has been continually streamed online by numerous players since its Japanese release, official figures for Dark Souls 3’s sales stand to benefit from a propitious announcement about the game itself.

We have some big #DarkSouls news tomorrow - stay tuned!— Bandai Namco UK (@BandaiNamcoUK) April 7, 2016

Ever since the critical embargo lifted, Dark Souls 3‘s reviews have been extremely positive, with many praising the title’s fluid combat, masterful level designs, and gothic-horror artistic flourishes, so if developers go on to announce even more favorable news about the title, a lot of fans will certainly be further incentivized to pick up a copy. Of course, we will all have to wait and see exactly what Bandai Namco has to say tomorrow.

At any rate, those fans who have yet to indulge in any talk related to Dark Souls 3 prior to its release are to be commended for their patience, but they are definitely missing out on the excitement. Should their resolve to avoid spoilers finally diminish once and for all, they would do well to check out some gameplay footage ahead of tomorrow’s announcement from the publisher.

What do you think about Bandai Namco’s tease for “big Dark Souls news” coming tomorrow? What do you believe the reveal could be about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The latest entry in the Dark Souls franchise, Dark Souls 3, is set to release next week on April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bandai Namco UK – Twitter (via GameSpot)