Dark Souls 3 Looks Amazing Recreated in Unreal Engine 4


A 3D artist designs a breathtaking recreation of the Farron Keep perimeter from Dark Souls 3 in Unreal Engine 4, complete with next-generation lighting effects.

The punishing gameplay and detailed level design in Dark Souls 3 earned the title critical praise upon release, as well as the honor of being one of Game Rant's Top 10 Games of 2016 So Far. With the game as popular as it is, it's no surprise that fans keep finding new ways to entertain themselves with it, like the player who beat every boss without getting hit.

Modders have also had some fun with the title, replacing the dark and gothic game's textures with everything from Goosebumps and Shrek to lots and lots of crabs. But it's what a 3D artist working  in Unreal Engine 4 was able to pull off last week that might be the most impressive Dark Souls 3 feat yet.

DSO Gaming reports that 3D artist Benjamin G. Roach has faithfully recreated a good chunk of Dark Souls 3's Farron Keep perimeter in Unreal Engine 4. Roach notes that he tried to shoot for about 90 percent accuracy to what the original game's assets look like, with a few of his own ideas tossed in.

"I created it as if it were a small section of a much larger world like it is in the game," Roach wrote on his website. "I placed a high emphasis on efficiency such as UV space, substance files and reusable textures. All particle effects are modified versions of those provided by Epic."

Roach uploaded a YouTube clip of the finished product which can be viewed below. After the video got the attention of the Dark Souls community, Roach said in a comment that he may work on creating a playable version of the level.


The video showcases the wide variety of upgrades made to the game but most fans in the comments are pointing to the jaw-dropping lighting effects that have been added. Take a look at the flaming sword and skeleton pile at about the one minute mark for a good example.

In other Dark Souls 3 news, publisher Bandai Namco released a trailer last week for the the game's forthcoming DLC, known as the Ashes of Ariandel. In addition to patching in a variety of new landscapes and enemies, Ashes of Ariandel will also allow players to equip new weapons and armor and use new magic. The DLC will also provide new lore for the story as well as an update for the game's competitive multiplayer mode.

Ashes of Ariandel is the first of two DLC packages coming for the game. It will cost $15 standalone but can also be obtained through the Dark Souls 3 Season Pass that will include both DLCs for $25.

Dark Souls 3's Ashes of Ariandel expansion is set to release on October 25, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: DSO Gaming

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