Having difficulty taking down the twin princes Lorian and Lothric in Dark Souls III? Then look no further than this guide on how to defeat this troublesome duo.

Although some gamers are already able to sleepwalk through From Software’s Dark Souls III, with one persistent player beating the game in one hour to take the world record, the title is still a major challenge for many. In particular, the action RPG holds host to a number of the most fearsome boss fights imaginable. Indeed, with bosses such as the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, gamers would be forgiven for still treating the game as a serious challenge.

This is definitely true when, to make matters even more tough, Dark Souls III decides to throw two bosses at at the player instead of just the one. That’s the case with the twin princes, Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince. This pair will have no qualms about taking on any comers, and that includes the player character.

However, in spite of the intimidating appearance of Lorian in particular, there is a way to take down this duo with little pain – at least for the player, anyway. In fact, following this handy guide will put the user in good stead to attempt the nigh-on impossible task of beating the game without ever taking a hit. Read on to find out how to beat the Twin Princes with ease.

Dark Souls 3 Lothric

First up, head to where Lorian and Lothric hang out. The bosses can be found at the top of Lothric Castle, after the player has cleared out the Grand Archives. The player can reach the boss fight via two shortcut elevators; one is found right next to the Grand Archives bonfire, and the other is in the room with the Dragonslayer Armor boss fight. The elevator next to the Grand Archives bonfire is perhaps the most obvious, and will require the player to avoid the attacks of a few enemies before ending up at the boss fight location itself.

When inside, the player will immediately face off against the first of the brothers, Lorian. Wielding a huge sword, this prince immediately appears to be a real threat to the player’s survival. However, it’s not long before the player character’s main advantage truly comes to the fore – Lorian is extremely slow.

dark souls 3 punishing innocent players with no explanation

This actually makes the first part of the boss fight quite easy. Although Lorian’s attacks can take off a chunk of health, avoiding these attacks is a fairly simple process. The strokes of the sword are very well telegraphed, meaning that the player should get a good indication of exactly when to move out of the way.

Although some have unsuccessfully attempted to find some hidden meaning in the crabs from the Catacombs of Carthus or in the Smoudering Lake, there is something that the crustaceans can certainly teach the player in this fight. Crab walk methodically around Lorian, steering clear of the sweeping strikes of his blade by sticking tight to his back. Get in hits here and there, and it won’t be long before the prince’s health has been whittled down.

When Lorian has reached half health, the boss fight will switch up a little bit. Rather than the extremely slow attacks that the player has had to contend with up to this point, Lorian will now add teleportation to his repertoire, jumping from place to place. Again, however, this should not prove to be too much trouble for the player, simply needing to be aware of a longer range attack that is equally as obvious to spot – simply roll out of the way when Lorian holds his sword high in the air.

Dark Souls 3 Player Trying to Beat Game Without Getting Hit - Dark Souls 3 player character

Once the player has taken all of the Elder Prince’s health, however, things become a little more interesting. Lothric, the Younger Prince, will enter the fray, being carried on the back of his brother. Rather than the melee focus of Lorian, Lothric instead attacks with magic, and uses small, homing projectiles. When Lothric has cast this attack, keep a little distance from the pair, so that it is easier to focus on dodging the projectiles.

Keeping track of Lorian’s ranged attack is also much more important now, as Lothric will follow up with a special attack of his own. Getting hit with both of these attacks could prove costly, so be sure to dodge out of the way swiftly. Nonetheless, continue chipping away at the health of the duo, attacking when it is safe to do so.

Should the player bring Lorian’s health down to zero before Lothric’s, move quickly away from the defeated prince. The younger of the pair will cast an area of effect spell that not only damages the player, but also brings Lorian back at half health. The newly-revived Lorian will not attack differently, however, and the player should then once more be able to bring the pair down.

This duo may not be quite as intimidating as the now-notorious fight with Pontiff Sulyvahn, but the challenge will nonetheless still require a little bit of care and attention. Hopefully, this guide will have made things a little bit easier for players taking on this boss battle. Now, all that remains is the more difficult task of avoiding getting punished as an innocent player.

Dark Souls III is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.