Dark Souls 3 Stress Test Available for Download, Starts Next Week

By | 1 year ago 

The Dark Souls 3 network stress test client has gone live for PlayStation Plus subscribers who signed up, but the real testing doesn’t begin until a bit later.

Much like they did with Dark Souls 2 a few years back, developer From Software is set to test the network servers for Dark Souls 3. Eager fans of the punishing series can download the network stress test client today, but only if they’ve previously signed up for it.

For any who missed it, about a month ago From Software announced sign-ups for their Dark Souls 3 network stress test. Since Dark Souls 3 will be continuing the series’ trend of offering an interconnected world of player tips, death animations, and PvP invasions, From Software wanted to ensure that everything is ready to go next year.

While some beta tests are meant to see if gameplay is balanced, like the Star Wars Battlefront beta that is going on right now, this test is focused solely on server load, and whether Dark Souls 3 can handle it. For those who might not be familiar with Dark Souls’ brand of PvP, it essentially offers players a chance to troll others. All one needs do is trigger an invasion and then they can attack a player, no matter how weak they are, and ruin their day. There’s also summoning for help with tough bosses, but who wants to offer a helping hand in Dark Souls?

Given that the Dark Souls series has grown in popularity with each subsequent release it’s smart of From Software to test their servers. We’d suspect that after the success of Bloodborne, a game with a lot of similarities to Dark Souls but also some key differences, there are more players than ever intrigued by the punishing series.

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Unfortunately, the Dark Souls 3 stress test won’t be for everyone, as players had to have signed up for it prior to this week. Not only that, the stress test requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, which makes sense given this is an online test.

Aside from that, though, players can download the Dark Souls 3 stress test client and prepare their nerves for yet another From Software experience. Based on our early looks at the game, it appears director Hidetaka Miyazaki wants to preserve the spirit of the Dark Souls series with this third iteration, while incorporating some lessons learned from Bloodborne and a few competitors. All we ask is that the game not take it easy on us.

Are you a part of the Dark Souls 3 network stress test? What are your hopes for the game?

Dark Souls 3 releases April 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.